The 2nd AnaEE annual meeting were held on 13-15 October 2014 (Monday-Wednesday) at the University of Antwerp (address: Hof van Liere, Prinsstraat 13, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium).

The schedule was as follows:




AnaEE's stakeholder meeting was held in Antwerp on Tuesday 14 October 2014. The day to brought together keynote speakers from some of the most important players in the world of research and policy to further deepen understanding among key stakeholders of the need for cooperation and coordination on scientific and economic challenges to achieve scientific and societal goals, while also allowing ample time for long and deep debate on key issues.

The day focused first on the scientific and economic challenges at hand, via two morning sessions on “Food security, climate change and biodiversity – working together to respond to the grand challenges” and “The strong ties between the environment and the economy” which to date remain unexplored. These featured speakers including John Porter (University of Copenhagen), Reinhart Ceulemans (University of Antwerp) and Ana Iglesias (Technical University of Madrid).

The afternoon then saw two sessions on policy and cooperation: “European governance and research infrastructures: strategy, challenges, evolution” (featuring former ESFRI chair John Wood and ICOS Director-General Werner Kutsch) and “Thinking internationally: how can research infrastructures build global ties and what are the barriers in achieving this goal?” (featuring Clare McLaughlin, Australian Mission to the EU).

The final programme is here (on the day, Werner Kutsch stood in for Abad Chabbi for the second presentation on clusters).

You can download some of the presentations here:

  • Prof. Reinhart Ceulemans, University of Antwerp – AnaEE, ICOS and other initiatives: working together to face the grand challenges (download)
  • Prof. Ana Iglesias, Dept. of Agricultural Economics and Social Sciences, Technical University of Madrid (UPM), Spain – social challenges of building world-class infrastructures and their role for risk reduction and information for policy (download)
  • Prof. John Wood, former ESFRI Chair and Secretary-General of the Association of Commonwealth Universities – Key challenges, successes and failures of the past, what should be done to convince potential users of the importance of large-scale research infrastructures, and how ESFRI, the Commission and member states can work to ensure strategic priorities are met in terms of implementation of key world-class research infrastructures despite economic constraints (download)
  • Clare McLaughlin, Australian Mission to the EU – building links between continents – best practices in transcontinental cooperation between research infrastructures (download)

There was also a very important and interesting data and quality workshop the following day (October 15th) featuring speakers including Nic Bertrand and John Watkins (Centre for Ecology and Hydrology), Roy Remme (Wageningen University), Giulio Cardini (Italian Ministry of Food, Agriculture, and Forestry), Madeleine van Mansfeld (European Institute of Technology, Climate KIC) and Joachim Maes (European Commission – Joint Research Centre).