A fuller description of AnaEE from a stakeholder perspective can be found in our stakeholder handbook.


AnaEE aims to foster capacity building in ecosystem science by providing state of the art facilities and structuring tools for the European ecological and agricultural  research community – which will, in turn, strengthen the European research area.

Scientists will be able to access both state-of-the-art local experimental equipment and complementary platforms in terms of type of facility or type of ecosystem or climatic conditions.

The AnaEE experimental facilities will be equipped with high performance instrumentation and Information Technology tools; and will use common standards of measurements and analysis. Facilities will be highly flexible and open to experiments addressing present and future research questions.

ANAEE will provide cost effective physical, virtual and remote access to key experimental ecosystem platforms across different climatic and land use regimes in Europe.

The platforms will allow scientists to test climatic, anthropogenic and biotic stress factors, as well as different management options and their mitigation.

In addition to experimental platforms, AnaEE will give scientists and science managers access to advanced analytical and modelling platforms, and work towards improved methodologies, standardized measurements and harmonisation of metadata.

AnaEE also aims to provide expertise in planning, constructing and maintaining ecosystem experiments as well as generating new ideas for experiments at multiple scales.

This will go hand in hand with provisions for personnel training and mobility, an improved interface with policy makers and industry, and strong links to complementary research infrastructures (such as ICOS and LIFEWATCH) and international scientific communities.


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