The business plan is the reference document set up during the AnaEE preparatory phase to prepare the AnaEE ERIC and to present AnaEE to stakeholders, in particular industrial ones. It currently features 5 chapters and is a living document to be completed with the Key performance indicators and the risk management plan. The executive summary provides the main messages of the document.

Chapter 1ERIC objectives and strategy’ shows the scientific and societal challenges which have triggered the onset of AnaEE, describes the main steps and the building blocks of the research infrastructure on its way towards an ERIC, explains the ERIC business model and illustrates the benefits of the ERIC for member states.

Chapter 2The AnaEE user strategy’ provides the value proposition of AnaEE and describes the services that will be delivered according to the type of users, including access to data. This chapter includes a thorough analysis of the economic sectors that will benefit from the knowledge and the innovations to be developed thanks to AnaEE. The communication plan is included here.

Chapter 3 describes the ERIC governance and organization and how to join it. At the stage of writing of the document, the countries hosting the supra-national entities were not yet identified. Since then, France has been chosen as the host of the central Hub and countries hosting the supra-national centers have been identified and will be confirmed by the Assembly of Members at the end of 2017.

Chapter 4 describes the management and human resources strategy and chapter 5 explains the funding model of the ERIC.

Down-loading of the whole Business plan document.