AnaEE will adopt an experimental approach built around ecosystems manipulation, process measurements and modelling activities.

AnaEE will provide the distributed experimental facilities needed to expose ecosystems to future conditions across climatic zones and ecosystem types. The role of each of the drivers of change will be quantified and their interactions identified. To inform predictive models and deliver realistic simulations, AnaEE research has to be process-oriented and need to address how major biogeochemical cycles, biodiversity and the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem functions will change under the various experimental treatments.

AnaEE will provide direct access to massive and quality controlled environmental datasets from experimental ecosystem research, as well as to specific data analysis and modelling tools. Stakeholders will use this information to develop policies and engineer management techniques that will allow mitigation of and adaptation to environmental changes.

AnaEE will help find solutions to the challenges of the bioeconomy, including food, fuel and fibre production and sustainable ecosystem services. There is a need to understand the sensitive interdependencies between ecosystem services and the changing environment if Europe is to develop a green economy centred on bio-based products and eco-technologies.