AnaEE ComponentsAnaEE will be a unique continental scale, long term, integrated, experimental research infrastructure. It will be based on distributed (existing and new) advanced experimental platforms of four types:

  • Open-air ecosystem platforms: located in managed and unmanaged, terrestrial or aquatic ecosystems transecting Europe’s climatic zones;
  • Enclosed ecosystem platforms (such as ecotrons): complement open-air platforms by enabling higher level of environmental control and process measurement;
  • Analytical platforms: will offer advanced biological, physical and chemical analyses for a deeper insight into ecosystem processes;
  • Modelling platforms: will give access to software solutions (modelling solution platforms) and to advanced software facilities for model development (model factories).

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The coordination and integration of these national platforms will be achieved through supra-national hub and centres which will ensure international access, improved measurements and data harmonization, facilitate technology development, links between data and models, open access to raw data and syntheses. These supra-national entities will also allow researchers to network and they will provide an interface with stakeholders.

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