The Preparatory Phase (2012-2016) was funded by the European Commission (grant number 312690) and coordinated by INRA (coordinator Abad Chabbi). It involved 11 countries (Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Israel, Italy, Norway, Sweden and Turkey). The main governance bodies of that preparatory Phase were the Steering Committee and the Scientific Advisory Board.

The Steering Committee

This was the decision-making and decision-implementing body of the project. Chaired by the project coordinator, INRA, it is composed of one representative per partner. The members of the Steering Committee were:

The International Scientific Advisory Board

This high-level, international Advisory Board provides scientific vision and advice to the AnaEE partners for the implementation of the project workplan. The International Scientific Advisory Board gathered:

  • Terry CALLAGHAN, Professor of Artic Ecology, Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Coordinator of INTERACT.
  • Tim CLANCY, Director of Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network (TERN), Australia.
  • Hank LOESCHER, Director of Strategic Development, CEO Office, NEON (US).
  • Ole OSTERMANN, Scientific Officer biodiversity, European Commission, Joint Research Centre JRC, Institute for Environment and Sustainability, JRC-IES-H.08.
  • Jean-François SOUSSANA, Head of Environmental Research at INRA (France). Head of the SAB of FACCE JPI. Lead author of IPCC, WGII for AR5.
  • Pete SMITH, Science Director of Scotland's Climate Change Centre of Expertise, Convening Lead Author for Agriculture and Forestry Chapter of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), Royal Society-Wolfson Professor of Soils & Global Change, FSB, FRSE, Institute of Biological and Environmental Sciences, School of Biological Sciences, University of Aberdeen.