The Service Centres and the Hub are part of the European legal entity AnaEE ERIC. Consequently, their budgets are part of the ERIC budget and under the decision making power of the Assembly of Members.

AnaEE ERIC operative costs are covered primarily by its Members’ public funding.

In the operational phase, 2018 onwards, a country hosting one of the supra-national entities (Hub or one of the Services Centres) shall contribute to a minimum of 50% of the running cost of that entity, and the rest of the costs shall be covered by the Members’ contributions towards AnaEE ERIC. Host contributions can be provided as cash or in-kind, while Membership contributions shall be provided primarily in cash.

The cost of running these supra-national entities includes consumables, travel of staff, meetings, outreach, services (including e.g. legal, accounting, auditing, marketing, recruitment and subcontracting), equipment (software, licenses etc.) and for the Hub the salary of the Director General.

The currently proposed model for the Membership contributions is 50% Equal share + 25% GDP-based contribution + 25% platforms number -based contribution. The median membership contribution is expected to be around 50 k€/year.