The European Commission invited AnaEE coordinator Abad Chabbi to attend the Research Infrastructure Long-Term Sustainability Stakeholders Workshop, to be held in Brussels on November 25, 2016. The workshop aims to generate a constructive debate on a sustainable pan-European research infrastructure ecosystem in order to produce a framework for the development of an Action Plan for the long-term sustainability of research infrastructures. More specifically, the workshop aims to: • Identify concrete solutions to explore the untapped innovation potential of RIs; • Ensure an open debate on up-skilling and mobility schemes across RIs; • Propose a way forward for Pan-European RIs to tackle the data challenge; • Reflect on current governance models and discuss innovative funding mechanisms and • Explore RI’s international outreach a scientific diplomacy context.

This strategic workshop is both timely and highly relevant to AnaEE, given its present stage of development and implementation.